Pre Primary Section
Academics and Entertainment
Academics and Entertainment

If child is the father of man, then childhood is the most important signifier for all of adult life to come. Special and particular care, therefore, must be given to the management and instruction of children when they are at this most impressionable of all ages. 

Such is our outlook in context of the tiny-tots entrusted to us as part of our pre-primary schooling. Building up from the tangible infrastructure of brightly painted, exclusive classrooms and colorful furniture to such intangibles as teaching methodologies compound as much of fun and games as of instruction, we strive to give just the right sort of impressions to children as they enter a world outside their habitual familial domain and get acquainted with professional training for the first time. 

An important, integral part of this infrastructure is our Activity Room. This is a specially designed playroom stocked with such toys and audio-visual teaching aids that enable our teachers to impart knowledge and the basics of mathematics, the alphabet and ethics in the happy semblance of games and entertainment.

Our approach herein is to provide the optimum impetus to our young wards’ creativity and enable them to seek and consolidate their talent(s). 

This aim is further complemented by the external infrastructure of an exclusive playground for students of this age group – KG and Nursery i.e. This playground is provided with swings, slides, a sandpit and a splash pool and pleasantly complements the daily discourse of knowledge that pupils receive in the classroom. This outdoor approach is further realized through regular educational field trips organized particularly for this purpose.

Informal Assessment

We have 3 informal assessment system for classes- Nursery, LKG and UKG in the month of September, December and March.

The emphasis is laid on their orals, activities and writing skills(KG Classes)

September 2018

RTE Time Frame

Book List: Session 2018-19

4th August 2018 -
Song Competition (Junior Group, Senior Group & Solo)

15th August 2018 – Independence Day Celebration

18th August 2018 – Educational Visit ( Class I to XII)