Innovative Practices
S.No. Innovation Objective Innovator/Educator Objectives were achieved / not achieved
1 Redesigning of curriculum on the basis of NCF recommendations and International syllabus 1. To make learning a Fun for students by incorporating activities,roleplays and games.
2. To make Teaching learning process interesting.
Teachers of grade 1 to 3
Excellent results achieved in first two months.
2 Book review in Summer break by 6th to 8 th class students. 1. To develop a reading habit amongst students.
2. To enhance their vocabulary and expression.
Ms. Monica David Will be analysed after summer break.
3 Parents were made the members of school library.They can issue two books on fortnightly basis. 1. To inculcate the reading habit in parents so they promote same in wards.
2. To enhance the knowledge and understanding of parents so they can help the students in daily assignments given by the school.
Librarian - Ms. Vijeta Gupta Achieved.
September 2018

RTE Time Frame

Book List: Session 2018-19

4th August 2018 -
Song Competition (Junior Group, Senior Group & Solo)

15th August 2018 – Independence Day Celebration

18th August 2018 – Educational Visit ( Class I to XII)