Infrastructural Facilities
Smart Class
Smart Class

In keeping with contemporary notions of holistic education, DBDS provides students a dynamic, multi-faceted environment best suited for their all round development. Our infrastructure facilitates this aim.

School Building

The main school building is part of a 6 acre campus in Shriram Nagar (DCM Colony), Kota wherein it sits surrounded by lush green lawns and well maintained flower gardens. The nursery and KG section is located in a modern, air-cooled building. All other classrooms are also so designed as to create an atmosphere of spacious peace: that is, these are structured so as to be spacious, well lit and well furbished and thus allow for the optimum student-teacher ratio in terms of personal attention to students and class strength. Moreover, all classrooms are equipped with Smart Class technology for computer enabled learning.

School Library
An integral part of the school building is the Air Conditioned School Library, which is well stocked with a range of books on various issues and from various genres; various newspapers, magazines and periodicals too are subscribed for the benefit of both students and staff alike.
Resource Centre
The School also boasts of an air conditioned Resource Centre for the teaching faculty.It is used for trainings and seminar

Activity Room
There is a specially designed Activity Room provided with such toys and tools like puzzles, soft toys and illustrative educational toys for providing engaging instruction to pre-primary students.

Computer Lab
The school boasts of High Tech Sr. and Jr. Computer Labs with Internet facility and latest in Contemporary Computing. ICT, Information and Communication Technology, is an integral part of our curriculum and all students are required to learn the basics of computer and internet use. Accordingly, a special period is reserved for computer education in the time table of all classes.

Composite Science Lab
A well equipped lab for students of Classes VI to X. This lab contains facilities for demonstrating many theoretical precepts through computers, thus serving a two-fold purpose of illustrating the practical working of many scientific and mathematical theorems and of orienting students to competent computing from an early age.

Mathematics Lab
Our Mathematics Lab relies on computers and projecting devices in conjunction with models, charts and the usual conventional tools to illustrate the workings of various mathematical principles and formulae. Resources such as Britannica CDs help us orient our training to cover CBSE board syllabi as well. Quizzes and interactive exercises are regularly organised to evaluate progress. The Mathematics Lab is open to students from class I onwards.

Science Labs
In keeping with CBSE requirements for laboratory education, the school maintains distinct labs for all the natural sciences, viz. Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Lab assistants are instructed to encourage judicious experimentation in all possible ways.

English Lab
Our aim at DBDS is to generate in all our wards a sense of global citizenship. For this, good English language skills are essential. We generate and consolidate the same through our English Language Lab wherein students are trained to develop a well modulated voice and the standard, spoken English accent. This lab is equipped with computer, LCD projector, 29” T.V., DVD Player, over-head slide projector and PA system. Besides conducting workshops and sessions for instructional purposes, this lab is also utilised for organising special programmes on guidance and counselling for parents and students and is the venue for staff meetings and refresher sessions.

School Auditorium
The school auditorium forms a separate complex distinct from the school building in terms of utility as well as design. A part of it is covered to accommodate around 500 persons and the rest open area can easily seat close to 2000 viewers. The stage, a revolving one, is provided with the latest paraphernalia of high quality, professional sound and light equipment and cultural events can be organised both during the day as well as at night. Part of the auditorium complex is the music room, the green room, the dance room and the director's room.

Sports Infrastructure
At DBDS, the emphasis is as much on academics as on extra-curricular activities and sports. Accordingly, we encourage our students to be part of some sport from an early age and provide all relevant facilities for the same. Besides the lawns on which students may run and stroll in their free hours and an exclusive playground for tiny-tots of the primary section, the school has professionally developed play grounds for outdoor sports. and a full size swimming pool.

Nursery playground - Children playground for tiny-tots of Primary Section. It is equipped with a Merry-go-round, Ladder Slide, Swings, See-saw, Revolving drum. Parallel Bars, Balancing Bar etc.

Play Grounds - Well-maintained playgrounds for Volley-ball, Basket ball, Hockey, Football, Cricket, etc.Expert coaches have been appointed for coaching children.

Indoor Facilities - Indoor Games facility is available for Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom etc. Stadium for various athletic events there is a sports stadium laid with natural grass turf and provided with a 400 meter track. All these facilities are so designed as to meet national standards and criteria for these respective sports.

Swimming Pool: A full size Swimming Pool with all the required equipment is available for school children. Modern system for cleaning water has been provided. A well-trained full time Swimming Instructor has been appointed for coaching children.

Clinic and health infrastructure
First aid facilities are readily available in case of all minor injuries and emergencies. We also organise an annual health check up camp to acquaint our wards with issues pertaining to personal hygiene and communicable and non-communicable diseases. Polio vaccinations are administered to all those in the vulnerable age groups exposed to this debilitating disease.

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