Extra-curricular Activities

At DBDS, our larger, overall aim is to encourage in our wards involvement in a range of extra-curricular activities without pressurising them. Therefore, we act most of all as facilitators cum trainers, providing students with a range of options to choose from.


If music hath power to soothe beasts, then with humans it surely has a more than magical effect. At DBDS, our outlook towards music is something similar. We earnestly work to orient as many of our students to music and musical appreciation as possible. Our musical instruction is a fusion of Indian classical and contemporary Western, combining the basics of Alankar and song with functionality of such instruments as the sitar, the tumba and the jazz drum. Musical performances are an integral part of both weekly assemblies as well as special assemblies held in observance of festivals/events of national importance. Team spirit is encouraged by organising and training pupils as choirs and orchestras. Regular inter-house competitions enable students to showcase their talents in an atmosphere of healthy competition.


Some scholars have attested dance to be an atavistic expression of a human being’s inherent divinity, the articulation of cosmic power each of us are believed to carry within us. Dance as we facilitate here in DBDS is seen on similar lines. Our training in dance is provided in a variety of Indian classical forms such as Bharatnatyam and Kathak, Western dance forms and contemporary fusion genres. We also provide training in some types of folk dance. Students are encouraged to form troupes and perform on various contemporary and mythological themes in special assemblies as well as in inter-house competitions and cultural events organised otherwise.

Art & Craft

Beauty is both natural, i.e. existing as given in our habitat/surroundings, and man-made, i.e. willed into being by the sheer creative power of the human mind. Inculcating a sense of inherent, holistic beauty and encouraging sensitivity towards the same is the aim of our Arts Department. Accordingly, under our comprehensive house system, a variety of activities and events are organized to enable students to freely express their creativity with the optimum amount of instruction and guidance. These activities include, amongst others, sand painting, thumb painting, flower making, rangoli and origami.


In keeping with the vision of its founding members, DBDS encourages a range of sports and outdoor activities. We maintain national standard infrastructure for such sports as swimming, football, badminton, volleyball, basketball and cricket and strive to inculcate a healthy habit of regular outdoor exercise in all our students. For more details of our sports infrastructure and the range of sports we facilitate., please visit the relevant sports section in our website.

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3rd November 2018 - DIWALI CELEBRATION

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